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General Information

The Kansas Rush Wichita Competitive soccer program is a year round program. We strive to provide each individual player the opportunity to play soccer in an environment that is both challenging and supportive.

Year-Round Program
All players participate in annual tryouts, which allow our coaching staff to place them on a team that most closely matches their current level of skill and commitment. Our goal is to find an appropriate team for every player who wants to participate in the program. When a player accepts a position on a Kansas Rush Wichita Competitive team, they are making a commitment to that team for a full year.

Fall and Spring Leagues
Our Competitive teams in the U9 through U14 age groups participate primarily in the Sedgwick County Soccer league (Wichita) for both the fall and spring soccer seasons.  Girls High school will compete in the fall season while boys high school will begin in November.  Our exceptional highly competitive teams (U14 thru U18) will participate in the Heartland League (Kansas City) or other regional leagues determined by the coaching staff.

Each team will participate in the KRW tournaments held in Wichita during the fall and spring seasons.  U9/10 will participate in one additional each season; U11-U14 two additional each season; and high school three additional each season.  Each team has the option to participate in additional tournaments splitting the costs amongst the members.

Winter Training and Leagues
Each team will train during the winter and participate in an indoor league of the teams choosing.  **KRW emphasizes Futsal as the primary tool for development of the player. 

Program Cost
Participation in the Competitive program requires a financial commitment due to the cost of league entry fees, training facilities, and professional coaching staff. Total dues package covers teams tournaments (#based on age), league fees, trainer fees, outdoor field rental costs and trainer travel.

Training T-Shirts
Each Kansas Rush Wichita Competitive player will be required to wear a white KRW shirt to every practice which are not included in club dues.

Each Kansas Rush Wichita Competitive player will be required to purchase two complete uniforms which are not included in club dues.

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